Sedation (for nervous patients)

Many people are scared of dental procedures. If this fear has prevented you from seeking proper dental treatment come and talk to one of our friendly dentists as we have several options available for you to choose from.

Laughing Gas

For those patients who feel the need for a higher level sedation than that provided by local anaesthetic the practice can help with the use of “happy gas” i.e. nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide produces a sense of euphoria similar to the effect of several alcoholic drinks.thcao3oy4b The effect wears off within 10 minutes of ceasing to breathe the gas and the good news is there’s no hangover. Nitrous oxide is a very safe drug with no known short term side effects. It certainly helps a great deal with relaxation and minor pain control. So while injections are still used they are virtually painless. 

General Anaesthetic

laughing-gas-patientAnother option is to have a general anaesthetic. These are done at St Andrews Hospital as a day visit. Many people with major work find this a very good alternative as in most cases all work required can be done in the one visit. And of course you will be asleep during the whole procedure! A thorough examination with x-rays must be done prior to the GA to make sure that all problems are detected. 

Your dentist can then provide you with an estimate of the cost and arrange a date and time to have the work completed. If you have private hospital insurance the cost of the day procedure is usually minimal. All invasive or surgical procedures carry risk but the risk is no higher from a dental view point when done under general anaesthetic. Please discuss the benefits and risks of procedures with your dentist before proceeding with treatment. Under current law we are required to state that you should seek a second opinion from a qulaified dental practioner before proceeding. Please do so if you have any doubts about what your OEG dentist advises

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